Our Mission

The Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition (CECC) is a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and interested residents from throughout the Chicago area who share a conviction that people should expect excellent care at the end of life, and that families and healthcare institutions should be able to meet that expectation.

Our participants include physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, funeral directors, and other volunteers who have a passion to improve the situations we face and the care we receive at the end of life. While the CECC is diverse, our mission is constant. We address the spiritual, ethical, medical, and financial issues that affect the provision of dignified and loving care at the end of life.

Understanding that society, including hospitals, nursing homes and hospices that compete for patients, needs a neutral forum to exchange information on end-of-life care, the CECC coordinates outreach and educational efforts for health care professionals, institutional providers, and the public. The CECC Speakers Bureau and citywide educational programming are key elements of our services.

Want to donate to the CECC? Please follow the link below to help. With every donation, you help us in achieving our mission.